Along with technological advancement, people move more towards those options that easily meet their needs in less time, effort, and money. People love doing online shopping, no matter where they are and most have constant access to the internet.

Mobile apps for businesses are getting more popular and an eCommerce app is holding the maximum attention in the marketplace, it gives a remarkable experience to the people, making them choose this option for shopping frequently.

Ecommerce mobile apps completely transform the ways your business runs, making it more effective and profitable. No matter the size of your business, if you do not have an eCommerce app, you are losing out on huge potential leads. There is hardly any industry left, where the mobile apps haven’t proven their marketing value.

Thus, getting an eCommerce app for your business is going to be a win-win situation for both your business and your customers.

Before you hire and reap the rewards of eCommerce mobile app developers, it is important to first ask yourself:

  1. What product/products am I going to sell?
  2. How will I present my products to the audience on the app? (Product positioning)
  3. Who will be my target audience? What interests and needs my target audience to have? Am I fulfilling their needs up to their expectations?
  4. What type of app design my audience will like? For example, for the fashion industry, people love shiny modern designs, on the other hand, for grocery products, simple and easily accessible designs are preferred.

Once you have your answers to the above questions, you will understand why your business needs an eCommerce mobile app. So, let’s explore the many reasons why you should get your E-Commerce App ASAP!

Why Do I Need an Ecommerce App for My Business?

ecommerce app benefits

It is a good idea to first step back and review why your business needs a mobile app or how it can add value to your business.

Apps can help your business stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience. You might be surprised to know, nowadays 85% of smartphone users use mobile apps instead of mobile websites for shopping.

In spite of the fact that apps generate 33% of mobile sales, only 10% of retailers offer a mobile app for their business. That means, there is a massive opportunity for businesses to increase their sales through mobile apps, and surpass their competitors.

And moreover, 59% of smartphone users like to purchase things from those companies whose apps provide them with quick services. So, if your app is mobile-friendly and fast-performing! Congratulations! You are already ahead of many competitors in the market!

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Now, let’s explore more about how an eCommerce mobile app can help your business grow.

1. Mobile Apps are more favored over mobile websites

Look around yourself and you will find, pretty much everyone has smartphones in their hands. It is a human’s natural mindset to choose the easy way, therefore they choose their preferred online method of shopping through mobile apps as it is easily accessible while providing great quality services.

According to a study, it was found that around 67% of all eCommerce sales worldwide result from mobile devices. It is a surprising fact: 70% of searches that occur on mobile lead to some actions within an hour. Therefore, mobile apps are great for increasing your customer base and generating more revenue for your business.

2. Personalized shopping experience

When you give a personalized experience to your customers, they connect more, hence, the chances of sales increases exponentially. An Ecommerce app helps you offer a personalized experience to your customer that is memorable to them. You can track the search history of your user and offer them relevant products that could likely meet their requirements.

3. Magnify customer loyalty

It was found that 82% of consumers prefer to shop from apps that offer loyalty programs. With push notification campaigns, you can let your customers know about various offers, discounts, and coupons, eventually establishing good customer relationships and generating profit for your business.

Loyalty programs help attract new customers and retain existing customers. These are highly beneficial for increasing the sales of your e-store.

4. Enhanced communication between your customers and you

Mobile apps are the best place to strengthen the relationship between your customers and you. With the help of push notifications, you can instigate your customers to communicate with you. Push notifications’ engagement rates are generally higher as compared to emails.

5. Offer excellent customer service

When shopping is done on the app, customers can easily track their orders. They most likely get relevant products shown to them in the first place according to their search history. Mobile apps provide a user-friendly interface and make it easy for customers to search for their required products. Customers feel motivated to use your app again and spend a long time on it after they receive an excellent customer experience.

Mobile apps increase customer retention – to back this point, let’s see this fact: In a recent study, it is mentioned that around 38% of users return to an eCommerce app at least 11 times after they download it. And the feature of push notification in mobile apps helps attract customers by showing offers and discounts.

Once you become aware of why your business needs an eCommerce App, you need to look for someone who could create a remarkable customer-tailored eCommerce app for your business. It is always recommended to hire a professional eCommerce app developer from a reliable company like Invedus which can offer total solutions.

There are several advantages of eCommerce mobile app developers, we will look into them one-by-one. Let’s go!

Well, developing a mobile app that stands out from the several apps available, requires high expertise and experience in eCommerce app development. Professional eCommerce app developers can help you integrate many important features into your app which are necessary for a successful launch in the market.

  1. Ecommerce app developers can create a non-complex registration process for your app. Anything that is complex takes more time and attention, it repels people and makes them choose other options. A short & simple registration process works better.
  1. Ecommerce app developers’ vast experience in designing mobile apps gives them all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to create eye-catching themes. They know that mobile apps, unlike websites, have restricted space, fitting all the features appropriately in order to give a clear and pleasing look is essential for creating an amazing user experience.
  1. The goal of any eCommerce app is to enhance sales and Invedus eCommerce app developers know very well how to achieve it. If your business is of medium or large size, you might be having a plethora of products of different categories that you want to showcase and sell on your app. For this, a UI that is extremely simple yet powerful and attractive is enough to encourage the customers to purchase. An app that offers easy navigation, product categorization, and advances search options enhance the conversion rate. By using filters, a more customized search experience could be offered to the customers, which makes it very easy for them to find products.
  1. One of the major benefits of Ecommerce mobile app developers is, you can ask them to integrate multi-currency support into your app. Customers from any corner in the world can do shopping through your mobile app. It increases the customer base.
  1. What turns the customers back from your app at the last purchasing point, is when they don’t find the payment options or payment gateway they want. Ecommerce mobile app developers integrate multiple payment features: credit card, debit card, cash on delivery, etc.
  1. Your customer’s native language is not English? Developers can add the feature of accessing the app in their local language, giving them a personalized experience.
  1. To help the users to register and login easily, developers integrate popular social media platforms in mobile apps. Social media integration allows users to share offers and products of their interests with friends on various social platforms.
  1. Integrating a wishlist feature in your app enhances sales. Ecommerce developers integrate this feature in apps as it allows the user to bookmark the products to purchase in the future. Notifications regarding their bookmarked products could also be sent to increase the conversion rate.
  1. Expert developers can add multiple vendor options to your app. This feature allows the user to do a price comparison of the same product offered by different vendors.
  1. Developers add an order tracking feature to your eCommerce app as it helps the user to know whether their order is dispatched or where it has reached and how much time it will take to reach them.
  1. Ecommerce developers can also help to integrate a feedback sharing option in your mobile app. With the help of this feature, customers can easily share their feedback about the products they received and their buying experience. This helps other customers to decide whether the product is worth purchasing or not.
  1. Last but not the least, eCommerce developers integrate App Analytics, which is a must to study the growth of your eCommerce mobile app. Tracking the location and user experience helps improving customer experience.

How to hire Ecommerce App Developers?

The freelancing option is good for short-term projects, however, trust and accountability are lacking. If you are planning to develop an Ecommerce App for your business, outsourcing is the right choice for you as it guarantees the quality of work.

Hire Ecommerce App Developers and transform your business!

With a huge customer base, both Android and iOS mobile devices offer a huge opportunity for businesses to expand.

At Invedus outsourcing, you can hire both:

  1. Android eCommerce App Developers
  2. iOS eCommerce App Developers

And the process of hiring E-commerce developers is very simple and hassle-free.

  • Send a detailed description of your requirements.
  • Select the candidates you want to interview from Handpicked CV’s sent by us.
  • Interview candidates through video conference and pick the one’s that suits you best.
  • Hire your selected candidate and get started immediately.

If you are wondering how much Ecommerce app developers cost, it depends on the features you want to incorporate into your mobile app. Contact Invedus in order to discuss together with your requirements and budget.


After reading this guide, you are all set to hire an eCommerce developer for your business. You now know what features your mobile app should have to enhance your customer base, improve customer experience, and expand your business. Hire an Ecommerce App developer from Invedus Outsourcing and become a proud owner of an eCommerce App today!

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